Useful Information

A more detailed copy can be found in Swallowtail Gite

Local Shopping

The closest supermarket is the Intermarché in Rostrenen. Note that many supermarkets are closed on Sundays including this one.

There is a pharmacy attached to the supermarket. There is also a pharmacy in Glomel. Pharmacies are generally open from Monday to Saturday from 08:30 to 19:30. Many pharmacies close between 12:00 and 14:00, although in shopping centres and large towns, pharmacies will stay open non-stop. At least one local pharmacy will be open on Sundays. Details of and schedule for this "duty pharmacy" (pharmacie de garde) can be found in every pharmacy window or in local newspapers. You can also visit the and enter the postcode of the gite 22340

There are a full range of shops in the centre of Rostrenen. Note that France loves lunch time. In general shops shut at 12:00 and often do not open until 14:00 of even 15:00. The French tend to eat at lunchtime and this can be a good way of dining out. Most restaurants will offer a "Formule" which will comprise two or three courses at a very reasonable price.

Types of shop you may need, or want, to visit include:

épicerie: a small grocery store

supermarché: supermarket

hypermarché: superstore, giant supermarket

boucherie: butcher’s shop

boulangerie: bakery. Note that French bread does not contain preservatives so should be brought fresh every day

charcuterie: delicatessen

fromagerie: cheese shop

le magasin de fruits et légumes: greengrocer’s

pâtisserie: cake shop. Note that most boulangeries are actually boulangerie/patisserie shops

poissonnerie: fish mongers

banque: bank

pharmacie: pharmacy

la poste: post office

tabac: a shop that sells tobacco (often a bar tabac). Note that unlike the UK, supermarkets do not sell tobacco products

Days Out

There are many wonderful places to visit little more than an hour’s drive from the gite. Some of our favourites include:

Binic (1 hour 14 minutes): Picturesque harbour lined by restaurants and a great place to visit and have lunch. Market day is Thursday. There is also a sandy beach which can get busy in the summer.

Les Rosaires (1 hour 14 minutes): Wonderful sandy beach. There is also a bar doing good coffee and a creperie with views over the beach. As you approach Les Rosaires there is a car park on your left as you drop down the hill. Ignore this as it is a long walk down and an even longer walk back. Instead continue to the bottom and then turn right. You will find parking along the edge of the road somewhere along the back streets. We often combine lunch in Binic with an afternoon on the beach here.

Tregastel (1 hour 21 minutes): Amazing rock formations and beaches on the Cote de Granite Rose. There are a number of nice beaches along the coast. If you follow signs to the aquarium in Tregastel there is a beach with amazing rocks backed by restaurants. Another great place for lunch. There is a large car park just before you reach the aquarium.

Zoo Parc du Tregomeur (1 hour 7 minutes): A great favourite with our son and a good choice on a dull day. Great zoo with several play grounds, coffee shops and a restaurant that does wonderful hotdogs that consist of half a hollowed-out baguette with a sausage inside! A particular favourite for younger children is feeding the goats. Buy a bag of popcorn on the way in - it is a long way back to get some!

Top left: Tregastel.

Top right: The harbour at Binic.

Bottom left: Feeding the goats at Tregomeur.

Centre right: The beach at Binic.

Bottom right: The beach at Les Rosaires

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Local Food

The specialities of Normandy and Brittany are moules-frites, galettes, crepes, butter and cheese. Moules-frites is probably Belgium in origin but you will find it everywhere in Brittany especially along the coast. It is mussels and chips. The mussels may be cooked in a variety of ways. The most common are:

Moules marinière: cooked in white wine, shallots, parsley and butter.

Moules natures: steamed with celery, leeks and butter.

Moules à la crème: similar to mariniere but the white wine stock is thickened with flour and cream.

Moules à l'ail: cooked with sliced or minced garlic.

Galettes are savoury pancakes available with a variety of fillings while crepes are sweet pancakes. My favourite is “galette avec jambon et fromage” - ham and cheese!


Our favourite butter is the “Le Beurre Moulé Aux Cristaux de Sel de Guérande”. Lovely butter with little crystals of sea salt from Guerande in south-east Brittany. Milk can be tricky as many people in France drink long life milk. However, you will find fresh milk in the fridge section of the Intermarché.

Top left: Moules-Frites.

Top-right: A caramel crepe.

Bottom left: Goats cheese galette.

Bottom Right: Another take on Moules-Frites

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Local Markets

Browsing a French market is one of the joys of a holiday in Brittany. Fresh, local fruit, vegetables, cheese, meat and seafood as well as many other goods are on offer. The following markets are worth a visit. Note that the markets tend to finish around 12 to 12:30. The local market is in Rostrenen on a Tuesday.  There is also a market in Carhaix-Plouguer on Saturday mornings. Food is available including hot cooked meats and galettes. There is also a Sunday car-boot sales held regularly during the summer months.